Orbital TIG multipass welding with AXXAIR's AVC/OCS device


mardi 29 septembre 2020Description
Besides open and closed welding heads, AXXAIR's orbital welding offer incorporates a unique and atypical orbital welding machine for prefabrication. It is an axial loading machine which involves being able to pull out the tube as well as the welded accessory. These machines that use standard AXXAIR's cutting and beveling frames have the advantage of being very robust and easy to use. In fact, the SX range is mainly intended for workshop or building site prefabrication use. They are also used to carry out repeatable production welding on suitable elements and can be equipped with either an air-cooled torch or a water-cooled torch, with or without filler metal. AVC / OSC device - AVC Motorised Arc Voltage Control is often abbreviated to AVC. Arc voltage is directly linked to the distance between the tube to be welded and the electrode. In other words, this option ensures the correct tube-electrode distance is maintained electronically during welding. - Fusion + OSC + wire: This welding method combines AVC movement with oscillation of the torch and wire. This method is used for multi-pass welding of thick walled tubes and pipes. Torch oscillation is where the electrode is swung left and right in a linear motion so that each side of the joint can be kept liquid as welding progresses. Oscillation brings an improvement in the number of passes, and therefore significantly improves productivity. This system, when combined with AVC, is the only effective way of filling a tulip joint in multi- pass orbital TIG welding. More information here: https://www.axxair.com/thick-tubes-products/tag/orbital-prefab-welding-thick-tubes Follow us on social media : https://www.linkedin.com/company/axxair/ https://twitter.com/axxair https://www.facebook.com/axxairorbitalsolutions https://www.instagram.com/axxair_orbital_solutions/

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