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J'respect, a new generation of eco-responsible safety shoes certified CARBONE NEUTRAL. Because we are convinced that it is possible to ensure the safety of workers while being more respectful of people and the environment, we decided to go further in our CSR approach J-CLEAN by creating the J'respect range. The items in the J'respect collection are distinguished from the other models due to : An eco-designed upper The upper of the J'respect models is made from a selection of components with a high percentage of recycled materials (between 40 and 100% depending on the materials) evaluated according to the ISO 14021 standard and giving priority to materials with low CO2 emissions. An eco-designed sole The sole is a very important element because it represents 50% of the total weight of a safety shoe. The sole of the J'respect models is made of a new generation polyurethane developed by BASF, the PU Biomass Balance. This PU is derived from recycling and fermentation of organic waste and therefore comes from 100% renewable resources. The use of this PU Biomass Balance, which does not use any fossil resources, reduces the carbon footprint of the sole by 60%! This new J'respect collection is equipped with MAXI SOFT DUO technology, a compensated insole, also made from 100% renewable materials, which helps relieve body stress for jobs that require prolonged standing. A solution that meets the challenges of occupational health while minimizing the carbon footprint ! ?https://www.jallatte.fr/en/j-respect.php

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