AXXAIR demonstrations and online training for our orbital tube working machines


vendredi 26 juin 2020Description
High quality video conferencing: Maximize productivity and optimize the decision making process with our online live demonstrations. Request a free demonstration of our tools and machines: cutting, facing, beveling and orbital welding: - Get a personalized demonstration expeditiously - Flexibility: participate from your PC or mobile phone - Our Showroom is equipped with all our product ranges and many accessories - Secure and encrypted connection: Our trainer is at your service - Extend the scope of your appointment: Up to 15 active participants Exceptional HD audio and video quality: 3 interchangeable cameras to cover multiple viewing angles 1) An on-board camera to see the screen of our orbital power supplies or to follow the trainer as closely as possible. 2) An infrared camera to observe the welding up-close. 3) A 3-axis camera, HD and x12 zoom to see our trainer using the machines. Do not hesitate to ask for a free demonstration or any other inquiery: ------------------------------------------- Follow us on social media :

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